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When you need help establishing a fair and equitable value for your property, come to the professionals who understand the current market. A great number of people may be involved in your transaction, including attorneys, claims representatives, real estate agents and bankers.   For a relatively small investment, there is no substitute for an independent valuation made by people you can trust.

InsuranceAppraisals.com puts to work the combined experience of thirty years of active appraisal work with twenty-five years of insurance claims and underwriting expertise.  This together with the latest technology allows us to provide you with fast, dependable service. Over the years, InsuranceAppraisals.com has developed relationships with well-established companies and prides itself on being included on the largest approved lender list in Northern California. Our responsibility is to deliver an objective, well-supported valuation on each property we appraise. We hope you’ll take advantage of our true commitment to value, quality and service .

Products and Services

With a carefully selected staff, InsuranceAppraisals.com covers a broad range of services including real estate appraisals, consultations, and litigation work.  We have a particular emphasis in work that requires more detail and specialized knowledge and handling.  This fits in nicely with our experience in dealing with corporate customers and high profile insurance risks.

Subdivision: Time and attention to detail has made InsuranceAppraisals.com the one to ask for on projects involving, subdivisions, custom home construction and land development.

New Construction: Our ability to work with blueprints, cost data and information from a variety of sources to compile an accurate picture of planned projects allows us to be successful in this area of appraisal work.

Dissolution Litigation: InsuranceAppraisals.com provides unbiased reports in a prompt and efficient manner. In recent years, it has become common practice for appraisers doing litigation work to provide the least information as to the arrival of value.  We write a report that contains thorough explanations and alternatives with the goal of avoiding costly court battles.   Investigation and conclusions are easy to read and complete.

Division of Capitol Valley Real Estate Consultants Inc.

1724 Professional Drive
Sacramento, CA 95825

Phone: (916) 973-3102 or (916) 354-0125
Fax: (916) 973-3116

[email protected]

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